About Us

How Babapicks was Born

Hi Colleagues, Friends, Mums...

After working together for over 5 years as a Buyer and Product Developer , we soon became friends and then mums, welcoming our gorgeous baby girl into the world a day apart! We faced challenges that every new mum encounters and spotted a quick win to make life with a new born slightly easier. Our  baby business grow idea was born. All hours  is made quicker and easier with the retail products that wee have collected and thought important as simple as baby toys, gadgets must haves  and provides a Savior with the wriggly ones as they get older. We soon realized that these baby collections was a new undiscovered kind of practicality we needed to share with other mums! 

We believe comfort, style and practicality should come in equal measures. All of the products are designed by mums with mums in mind. We are passionate about offering our customers only the very best in quality, tailored with great value. 

We hope you love our products as much as we have loved collecting ans sharing  them. Our collection has been a real labour of love!  

abby & Carla x